Sunday, February 19, 2012

a poem

Over the Counter

Please prescribe in moderation only:
Yin and yang.
There are many products that enhances
your over- the- counter performance
of Feng Shui and Tai-Chi,
Qigong and family remedies.
No need to fixate on any name brand,
for they are all an anachronism
of the wonderful “Way.”

Remember to protect yourself
against any sudden precipitation,
leaks in the bumbershoot,
gambling disasters in the Muckoshoot
and when you have lost all,
by all means, please don’t shoot yourself
in the foot.

Because the Tao is with you still,
and I don’t call it merely Good
for it is Great.
It can only be prefaced as such
for there is no known Way
that can be told you,
for even if a foolish attempt is made,
the poor student will laugh out loud,
for if there is no laughter,
the Tao would not be what it is.

Trust me thus as perhaps a misty way to go,
and I embrace you to shield us both.

Koon Woon
February 19, 2012